How The Worlds Within came to be

For my first blog I will talk about how The Worlds Within came to be.

Shortly after a bicycle-vehicular accident, where I was on the receiving end, I started to imagine another world. My imagination took my mind off the recovery process. Everything that entered my mind with respect to the world I imagined I jotted down. Through my imagination I had an entryway into this new world that I came to call The Nyre Lands. But, who lived in this land? I already had an inkling of the evil that existed within its borders (and under), but who lived out their day to day lives in The Nyre Lands?

Tumnus the Faun is my favorite character from The Chronicles of Narnia. Go back and read the description of his home within the tree. I wanted to live in that tree. I wanted the fauns to be in The Nyre Lands, so I created a mythology by which they and other mythical creatures, such as the Faeries, exist in The Nyre Lands. The Faun mythology, which will appear as a section under The Worlds Within, opened a connection between our world and The Nyre Lands. As did the Faerie legends.

Brian Froud and Alan Lee wrote and illustrated an incredible book called Faeries. It’s a desktop reference for me. For my little girl I fashion Faerie stories, and sometimes we create a Faerie land in our back yard.

The humans came about as I wrote the Faerie mythology. Forever will I be fascinated by the mind’s ability to problem solve even when the user (me) is not actively thinking of the problem. So, out of the Faeries came the humans, and the human story loosely tied together many of the other parts of the story.

Of course as I have written the story itself what I had planned out through the legends and mythology has not always held up. I have had to change or add to the history of each group as I have progressed.

Now, I will leave the creation process at that. For those of you who plan to read the story, do know that the story will not end with The Worlds Within. You’ll see mention of tapestries early on in the book. There are several tapestries, and they are all tied together somehow. The evil that pervades The Nyre Lands is linked to the other tapestries, but we will not see those other tapestries until later novels.

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