It’s a Second Job, Not a Hobby

Since I put my mind to the task of writing the story that’s inhabited my mind for over ten years, the process has gained momentum, and for me it has become a second job that I squeeze into the moments between the rest of my life.
A.K. Anderson encapsulates almost everything I have to say.

Alicia K. Anderson

The topic for this post came about after talking with some of my writer friends about the work we do after-hours. Many of us are in the same boat, we work all day, then we come home and write.  It also came about because we’re goal-setting at the office for 2013, and I’m not sure what to put in my self-development category.

My long-long term goal is to not have to do SEO anymore professionally. I want to get to a financially stable enough place that I can write full time, and what hit-and-miss market-dependent income I make that way will be supplemental for the household.  My long-term plan is to be a writer.

The only way to make this career shift happen is to work both jobs in tandem for a while, and to take the writing portion as seriously as I could consulting work or other moonlighting gigs I’d…

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