A Review of Thumbprint by Joe Hill


Has anyone else jumped on the Joe Hill bandwagon? Ever since I read Horns and NOS4A2, I have been hooked on his writing.

Just read my reviews on those two books. Joe Hill is one of the good ones.

Review of Horns

Review of NOS4A2

On the plane ride home I decided to give one of his short stories, Thumbprint, a try. It’s the story of a young woman who has returned from a tour in Iraq where she did things she regrets. Odd occurrences begin to happen to her. Someone is leaving envelopes with thumbprints in her mailbox, on her door, and someone, likely the same person, has been in her house.

Thumbprint is a well-crafted mystery with a horror twist. The writing is crystal. The tension builds from sentence to sentence like an ever-growing ripple.

But the end came down with a big thud and left me wondering what I missed. Joe Hill ended the story in abstract, which sometimes works, but for me, this time, I was left wanting.

For 99 cents it’s worth the read, but be warned. At the end you may be left with your mouth agape, wondering where the ending of the story has gone.

2 thoughts on “A Review of Thumbprint by Joe Hill

    • Thanks for stopping by. Horns is edgy while NOS4A2 is more Stephen King like. Thumbprint disappointed because of the ending. Otherwise I found it to be a we’ll written piece of tension.

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