The Long Road


Recap: I finished the first draft of my novel, The Tome of Worlds, in July of 2013. Since then I have read through and edited the book twice. Not all of the edits are in the manuscript. In fact I have yet to finish editing the novel on my computer even though I’ve read through the story twice. I’ve gotten to the point where I need an outside opinion. I think the story is very good. Surprisingly good. And now I need someone to take me down a notch.

Have you ever read through your story or novel and wondered who wrote the story? I mean, at times I don’t remember writing the words I am reading. Other times I am amazed at how well the story is written. And of course there are times when I think the writing is clunky. Still, I am very pleased with what I wrote.

My life has changed quite a bit since I finished writing the novel. My wife gave birth to our third child in early January almost 7 years to the day we met. We moved back to Seattle. I have a new job, but with the same company. Oh, and I won the fantasy football championship in my 12 person league.

Lots of changes.

Still, through all of the changes I have kept at the novel. I wrote two short stories, and just last week I started the sequel to my novel, tentatively titled Portal to the Deadlands.

Now that we are settled in Seattle I hope to get back to my blogging ways. I’ve missed the connection to the community.

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