About Chris

Chris grew up thinking that his reality didn’t quite fit.

His first friends were an orange cat and a stuffed Ewok named Wicket. If asked, those close to Chris would say that he has lived in an alternate reality his entire life.

Early on he practically lived on the Starship Enterprise-D and roamed the galaxy with the Stargate SG-1 team. By time he was a teenager he was convinced that his own future was in the stars.

But then his path changed.

Somewhere along the way he stumbled over a collection of Stephen King books. The Talisman and Dark Tower series described worlds to him that were all too familiar. All of a sudden, shadows seemed different. He thought he saw movement on the edges of his vision. He came to believe that there were other realities behind curtains we could not see.

More books came into his possession. NeverwhereStardust, and The Ocean at the End of the Lane, all by Neil Gaiman opened doors to still more realities. Another reality-maker, J. K. Rowling, revealed the existence of a magical world right under our noses.

Chris started to see possible realities everywhere.

His life moved on.

His mind envisioned a reality near ours where lived fauns, faeries, and men. Just around the bend. Tiralaind, as it is called, has been forming for some time, and continues to fill its own history.

These days Chris is a father of three children and husband to a woman he found in an alternate reality where he happened to be charming to women above his station.