Nyre Lands Map SmallerFirst map of Tiralaind, sometimes referred to as The Nyre Lands in previous work.

I drew this when I first imagined these lands. Some of the names have changed, but largely the world is unchanged.

Sadly, I drew maps better then than I do now. I realize that’s not saying much.

5 thoughts on “Tiralaind

    • I will check out Pro Fantasy software. I’m never going to devote the time necessary to be a better cartographer, becuase I’d rather spend that time writing.
      Have you spent any time looking at the Cartographer’s Guild website? Someone on Amazon mentioned them as an alternative to the Pro Fantasy software.

      • I haven’t heard of them, but I will check them out, thank you! I love the effects of Pro-Fantasy, but found it hard work to use, but then I am technologically challenged.

      • Yep, the complaint on Amazon is that Pro-Fantasy is hard to use and has a steep learning curve, but if you’ve already learned how to use it, the software seems to be perfect for what we need it to do.

      • haha! Muddled through after much pulling of hair and gnashing of teeth, and copious glasses of wine! Got there in the end more by fluke than anything else, but the result was worth it!

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